Opifiny. Next Generation Efficiency for APS Requests

Opifiny takes a heavy administrative load off HCPs with an online platform optimized to help them respond quicker and easier to carrier requests. A time saving of up to 75% vs paper processes, in fact.

Many more benefits extend to the carriers too. Mistakes and errors are reduced. Back and forth to HCPs is reduced, and cases flow through the system faster. Custom questions can be addressed to individual doctors and documents are fully trackable.

Reduces administration costs of each case file

For underwriting and claims alike, easy back and forth with health care providers, automated reminders and follow ups greatly reduces time spent on each case file. Our ability to integrate with your claims management system and CRM reduces touchpoints and therefore reduces cost.

Data Security

Modern security practice, continuous vulnerability testing, and tools ensure the resiliency of the Opifiny system from incoming malicious attacks. Protecting personal health information of your clients, patients and customers is our primary focus.

Digital Signatures

Opifiny’s industry leading digital signature solution allows you to collect plan member consents digitally.

Easy Onboarding

Get up and running fast. Opifiny’s SaaS solution is built with users in mind. Our training mentors will be there for you and your team when you need them.

How It Works

  • Select Your Form

    Opifiny houses all of your consent, underwriting, claim forms and questions

  • Send to Health Care Provider

    The Health Care Provider easily completes the request

  • Provider Payment

    When a provider submits a completed request, Opifiny follows your payment rules and they get paid automatically

  • Your APS is collected

    Underwriting or claim medical data is ready for you to act

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